GDB9 Intelligent Gas Alarm Controller
GDB9 Intelligent Gas Alarm Controller
GDB9 Intelligent Gas Alarm Controller
GDB9 Intelligent Gas Alarm Controller

GDB9 Intelligent Gas Alarm Controller

    • Multi-channel passive relay contact output, linkage relationship, alarm output can be freely programmed, alarm output can be manually tested
    • Built-in 60,000 alarm records/480,000 historical records capacity, external SD storage, report files can be generated and moved to the computer to view data,
    • Optional backup power supply, can continue to run in the case of power failure (optional external backup power supply can increase the standby time of power failure)
    • Can manually add on-site gas names that are not entered before leaving the factory, and can display up to 7 Chinese characters

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Product description

The GDB9 gas alarm controller is a multi-point monitoring gas alarm developed by our company. It is used to detect the concentration of the gas to be measured in the ambient air. When the concentration of the gas to be measured in the environment is detected to reach or exceed the preset alarm value, the control The device immediately sends out an audible and visual alarm to remind us to take safety measures in time, and activate the actuator to control the drive exhaust or other peripheral equipment to prevent poisoning accidents, explosions, and fires, thereby ensuring the safety of life and property.

Main function
Henan Zhong An Electronic Detection Technology CO.,LTD.
  • You can manually add the information of each channel number (remark) for easy identification and viewing
  • Single page real-time concentration list can display 18 channels, single page real-time concentration curve can display 2 channels
  • With historical curve display function, you can easily view historical trends, historical data can generate report files to SD card, and can be moved to the computer to view and save
  • Backlight brightness can be adjusted on site, energy saving and high efficiency
  • The display time of automatic inspection can be modified on site, and it can also be adjusted to manual mode, which is convenient for maintenance and inspection by on-site personnel


Technical index

Display method

8-inch color touch screen LCD operation

Output mode

Passive switch value, RS485 (optional), Ethernet port (optional

Alarm output

Built-in 6 groups of programmable external control output

Contact rating


Installation method

Fixed installation on site, wall-mounted

Network capacity

32 analog signal input

Alarm mode

Sound and light alarm

Alarm point

Two-level alarm, which can be set freely by users

Supply voltage

AC220V±10% 50HZ

signal input


Relay capacity


Operating temperature

-10 ℃- 70℃

Working humidity

< 95%RH

storage temperature

(-10 - 70)℃

Pressure range

(86- 106)KPa

Cable requirements

Sub-line:RVVP 3×1.5mm2;

Transmission distance


physical dimension


Total Weight


Optional function


Can bring printer (optional)

It can be connected to Zhonganmen post to check in and call out the door post alcohol detector (optional)


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