Petroleum Industry

March 30, 2022

While the domestic demand for petroleum and petrochemical products is growing steadily, more and higher requirements will be put forward for the quality and variety of petroleum and petrochemical products. The main elements of crude oil are carbon, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen, and the compounds containing sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen are harmful to petroleum products and should be removed as far as possible in petroleum processing.This causes a large number of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide and organic vapors such as benzene, aldehyde and ketone to be produced in the process of production and processing, posing a threat to production safety and environmental protection.

At present, the gas detection and analysis method is widely used to control it. In the oil production, gas detection instruments are also needed for the leakage detection of combustible gas and the monitoring of hydrogen, oxygen and other environmental gases. It is estimated that on average every ten thousand tons of refined oil production to need gas detection instruments and meters, about 40 units (sets), including 20 units (sets), combustible gas in the oil products 220 million tons of annual output calculation, gas detection instruments in demand at about 880000 units (sets), the combustible gas detection instrument about 440000 units (sets), toxic gas detection instruments about 220000 units (sets) and other organic steam and gas analysis equipment 220000 units (sets).

And each kind of oil and gas station, to combustible gas, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gas and benzene, aldehyde, ketone and other organic vapor detection gas detector demand is also very big, mainly used for safety protection, to prevent poisoning and explosion accidents, each oil and gas station need gas detection instruments about 72,000 (set). According to the above data, each set of gas detection instruments is calculated and analyzed at 2500 yuan. Currently, the market capacity of gas detection instruments in the whole petroleum and petrochemical industry is about 4 billion yuan.

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