Chemical Industry

March 30, 2022

During the production of chemical enterprises, there will be a variety of toxic and harmful gases, is a very dangerous industrial site, a careless will occur in the risk of poisoning, so wearing protective masks, protective clothing, protective gloves and other labor protection supplies is the most basic protection measures for workers.

In addition, although wearing protective masks, if the gas concentration is too high, there will still be the risk of poisoning or suffocation, and there may be an explosion with spark. Therefore, the staff must always know the composition and concentration of toxic and harmful gases in the site environment, and take timely evacuation and corresponding measures. This requires the use of the corresponding portable gas detector, real-time detection of toxic and harmful gas composition and concentration, to avoid the occurrence of danger to the maximum extent.

Carbon monoxide is the most common in the chemical production, and the the most dangerous of the toxic gas, so the portable carbon monoxide detector is necessary testing equipment, carbon monoxide detector is dedicated in coal mines, chemical industry such as carbon monoxide gas detection and alarm, real-time detection of CO concentration and with numerical display, when the concentration of CO at stations were set up, the instrument will automatically send out sound and light alarm signal. This instrument is small in size, light in weight and can be carried everywhere. It adopts a new electrochemical CO sensor with high detection accuracy, fast reaction, and explosion-proof function. It is safe and easy to use, so it is very suitable for chemical enterprises.

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