Features of IoT Alarm
Features of IoT Alarm
Features of IoT Alarm
Features of IoT Alarm

Features of IoT Alarm

    • On-site concentration display, sound and light alarm
    • Large screen LCD display
    • Alarm record query function
    • Uploadable computer function
    • It can monitor multiple detectors of different gas components at the same time and centrally control

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Product description

◆ The advantage of the IoT cloud platform is that customers can control industrial field data in real time without deployment and maintenance, which is convenient for viewing and saving manpower and material resources.

◆ The cloud monitoring platform can help companies improve informatization and innovate safety supervision models. At the same time, large-scale operation can greatly reduce the rate of safety accidents and reduce the loss of life and property.

◆ The Cloud Supervision Platform is composed of various wired or wireless intelligent monitoring terminals, data collection software, database servers, and application servers.

◆ The intelligent monitoring terminal collects the monitoring data of the detection equipment in real time, and sends the monitoring data to the data acquisition software through GPRS or WiFi Ethernet network; the data acquisition software analyzes the data returned by the monitoring terminal and stores it in the data server center, and the application server pushes the recorded data Information enables the user monitoring security officer to view the equipment operating status of each monitored object in real time, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, and improving the user’s management level.

◆ Data collection: It can collect gas concentration, field data from smart monitoring terminals, and it can also support remote transmission to directly collect data from smart meters

◆ Real-time data release: The operation interface supports multiple display modes, which is convenient for managers to monitor the data information, alarm information, historical data, various graphic information, statistical reports, etc. of each point through multiple modes.

◆ Push alarm information: The system can notify the person in charge according to the alarm information, and process the scheduling task according to the execution of the task. You can query the latest, notified, and processed alarm information in any time period, and you can directly jump to the trend chart interface of the instrument to view and analyze detailed data.

◆ Graphical data display: Supports data display in the form of geographic maps. The terminal data of each safety monitoring point can be queried through the marked geographic location. The detailed location of each safety monitoring point, the installation information of the terminal equipment, and the terminal equipment information will be displayed on the map. Configuration information and real-time data of terminal equipment can be highlighted in case of over-limit alarm.

◆ Graphical interface display: The system can display various scale map data, Baidu map data, conform to the national standard surveying and mapping data and image data standards, and can display various map data in one interface; it can complete various map routine operations and be compatible with mainstream databases . The user may quickly locate the specific location of the hidden danger point through the system, so that the customer can make timely decisions to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

◆ Intelligent monitoring terminal equipment: The intelligent monitoring terminal integrates sensing technology, wireless transmission technology, ultra-low power consumption technology, network transmission technology and computer technology. It is suitable for detecting the monitoring function of gas concentration and other parameters in relevant gas places. The relevant explosion protection and protection standards specified.

◆ Big data: Through the collection, storage, and application of massive real-time data, the cloud monitoring platform uses specific tools and algorithms to mine, utilize, and integrate data, and provide users with optimized management processes. In the actual application process, the monitoring points are comprehensive, the amount of data is abundant, the emergency response is timely, the analysis report is accurate, it can analyze and provide the abnormal laws of the end-use equipment, diagnose the cause, and conduct effective management such as summary, prediction, and timely decision-making.


Technical index

Concentration unit



± 5% FS (combustible)

Output signal

4-20mA or RS485

Reporting alarm points

two levels of alarm, which can be set freely by the user

Preset value

(EX) Low report: 20% LEL High report: 50% LEL

Indication mode

LCD digital display concentration data, LCD indicates alarm or fault status

Output mode

switch quantity, MAX 3.0A


Fixed installation on site, wall-mounted

Network capacity

4 channels 8 channels 16 channels 32 channels 50 channels

Working environment

 temperature -20 ~ 50 ℃; humidity ≤95% RH

Working voltage

AC220V ± 10% 50HZ

Function rate

Monitor Max 6W Detector 1W


320mmX250mmX90mm (including hanging board)

Cable requirements

RVVP3 × 1.5mm², or RVVP4 × 1.5mm², two-wire RS requires 2 × 2.5m



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