Single IOT collector (explosion-proof type)
Single IOT collector (explosion-proof type)
Single IOT collector (explosion-proof type)
Single IOT collector (explosion-proof type)

Single IOT collector (explosion-proof type)

    • Upload to cloud platform for easy viewing of data at any time
    • Embedded system development, with high reliability
    • Standard interface, easy to fit
    • There is no need somebody to on duty

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Product description

Single Internet of Things collector is the matching product specially designed for single detector by our company, which is the improvement of traditional product function by combining with contemporary Internet of Things technology. The collector mainly sends field detector data to data acquisition software via GPRS or Ethernet;the data acquisition software analyzes the data returned by the monitoring terminal and stores it in the data server center,the application server pushes and records the data information so that the user monitoring security officer can see the running state of the monitored object in real time, saving a lot of manpower and material resources and improving the user experience better.


Technical index

Working voltage input


IOT working voltage


Power consumption


working environment

air temperature:-20~+60℃

 relative humidity:5%~90%RH

static pressure:65kPa~106kPa


There is no strong mechanical vibration, shock, strong electromagnetic field or corrosive gas


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