Online CO2 gas Monitoring System-GDB2
Online CO2 gas Monitoring System-GDB2
Online CO2 gas Monitoring System-GDB2
Online CO2 gas Monitoring System-GDB2
Online CO2 gas Monitoring System-GDB2
Online CO2 gas Monitoring System-GDB2

Online CO2 gas Monitoring System-GDB2

    • High-precision PID photoion detection principle
    • Built-in suction pump working mode, fast response time
    • High precision, long life
    • Detection gas range light
    • Strong anti-interference ability
    • Two-level switch output

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product description

The carbon dioxide on-line filter monitoring system can be used to detect the concentration of CO2 gas. Once the gas concentration exceeds the standard, it will give an alarm. It can accurately detect the concentration of oxygen gas and display the real-time concentration value and standard signal output on site. It has stable signal and sensitivity. And the advantages of high precision, flameproof wiring method is suitable for various dangerous places.

carbon dioxide online filtration monitoring system is suitable for environmental protection and safety, petrochemical industry, steel smelting and other industries and departments, and can be used in petrochemical, organic chemical, pharmaceutical manufacturing, industrial coating, mechanical equipment manufacturing, packaging and printing, electronic production, synthetic leather, coatings Real-time online monitoring in various complex environments in paint, clothing processing, furniture manufacturing, adhesives and other industries.


Pressure adjustment:

Part of the on-site environmental pressure is a very pressure environment (101 KPa), and the pressure of the environmental sampling port needs to be adjusted before sampling. (This processing unit is an external unit, adjusted according to the on-site environment, suitable for positive pressure or negative pressure in the sampling environment)


Dust removal:

Dust removal filter adopts vacuum pump filter, which is widely used in industrial vacuum system to effectively prevent solid particles or dust from being sucked into the vacuum pump or system. Reduce pump wear, improve pump reliability, extend pump life, and effectively protect the components of the vacuum system.

The filter adopts all-steel structure, sturdy and durable. It is suitable for industrial use. The answer and request adopts a seamless stretched metal shell, equipped with a copper welded port, which has high air tightness and large scale capacity, easy to clean, and simple and quick to replace the filter element. The inlet and outlet are connected by thread, and special nozzles can be fitted according to customer requirements. The filter is sealed with O-rings, and the maximum vacuum value is less than 1Pa. The standard configuration paper filter element, the filtration accuracy is 99% (10 micron particles), and the passing gas temperature is -15° to 90°.


Cool down:

The cooling device of this system is a physical cooling condenser and does not have a cooling function. The condenser adopts a copper tube design with strong thermal conductivity and hydrophilic fins, which effectively enhance the heat dissipation effect.


Water filtration:

The separator adopts an oil-water separator, which is mainly used to separate water and oil in the gas, reduce the influence of gas humidity on the collection and analysis, and regularly remove the water through the system control solenoid valve.


Gas analysis unit

The filtered clean gas is transported to the sensor through the suction pump gas. The detector monitors the gas concentration in real time, and displays the real-time concentration value on the dot matrix LCD screen. The signal is transmitted to the external touch LCD screen. The touch LCD screen also displays the temperature and humidity of the air where the device is located in real time, so that personnel can observe the environment in real time.



  • Built-in suction pump working mode, fast response time
  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • Standard signal output such as 4-20mA, RS485/M-BUS, etc., can be easily integrated into the monitoring system
  • Two-level switch output
  • On-site LCD display, infrared remote control external adjustment and setting
  • International environmentally friendly products qualified products
Technical index

Detection gas


Detection principle

High-precision PID photoion/electrochemical sensor

Detection range

0~100.0%VOL, other ranges can be customized


0.1%VOL (0~100%VOL)

Detection method

Pump-suction measurement, optional pipeline, flow, and diffusion

Working mode

Online continuous work, pump suction sampling

Sampling flow

10 liters/minute (standard)

Response time


Output signal

Bus system RS485-RTU, which can be communicated with the data acquisition instrument and uploaded to the environmental protection monitoring department

Alarm mode

1 or 2 passive contact (dry node) signal output, alarm points can be set.

Working environment:

Atmospheric pressure ±30%, -40℃~+70℃, higher temperature environment requires customization or optional pretreatment system.

Relative humidity

 ≤95%RH (non-condensing occasions), higher humidity environment requires customization or optional pretreatment system.

System working voltage

Cabinet AC220V


About 50Kg for the instrument cabinet

Working voltage of gas analysis unit


Sensor life

PID principle 2-3 years / electrochemical sensor 2-3 years

Display mode

Color LCD screen

Debugging method


Detection error

≤±3%FS, high precision can be customized

Connecting cable

RS485 select two-core shielded cable (twisted pair), the shielding layer is connected to the ground

Electrical interface

1/2NPT, M20X1.5

Protection level:




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