GDB6 Gas Alarm Controller
GDB6 Gas Alarm Controller
GDB6 Gas Alarm Controller
GDB6 Gas Alarm Controller

GDB6 Gas Alarm Controller

    • The host stores 5000 alarm records
    • Large-screen color LCD display
    • Single-channel real-time concentration value curve display
    • Single channel historical curve
    • System temperature and humidity display
    • The analog voice alarm mode is clear and pleasant
    • Humanized design alarm value, relay can be set
    • Intuitive alarm and fault indication function

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Product description

GDB6 gas alarm controller adopts color liquid crystal indication mode, which can be used to detect the concentration of the gas to be measured in the environment. When the

concentration of the gas to be measured in the environment reaches or exceeds the preset alarm value, the controller immediately sends out a voice alarm prompt and can be started Driving exhaust or other external control equipment can effectively prevent poisoning accidents, explosions, and fires, thereby ensuring the safety of life and property.

The GDB6 gas alarm controller adopts the latest two-wire digital technology or three-wire output mode, with large networking capacity, simple operation, programmable alarm settings, and uploading system.

Main function
Henan Zhong An Electronic Detection Technology CO.,LTD.


  • 6 relay outputs, reserved normally open and normally closed interfaces, zone programmable
  • Backup power 2 12V2.3A (non-standard)
  • It can be equipped with multiple detectors for detecting different gas components,
  • Concurrently control multiple points at the same time
  • Standard RS485 upload and output DCS/PLC function
  • The system has large network capacity and convenient wiring
  • It is easy to install anchors as standard
  • Easy to slide into the wall



Technical index

Display mode

Display mode 5 inch color LCD screen

Communication method

Communication mode One RS485 output, RS232 output (optional)

Installation method

Fixed installation on site, wall-mounted

Network capacity

99 bus detector inputs or 16 4-20mA (choose one of two)

Electric shock

Output 6 groups of passive relay output freely set

Alarm point

Two-level alarm, which can be set freely by users

 Power supply

Voltage AC220V±10% 50HZ

Alarm mode

Voice speaker alarm

Alarm point

Two-level alarm, can be set freely by users

Power supply

Voltage AC220V±10% 50HZ

Panel switch

 1 group of main power, 1 group of back power (non-standard)

Working temperature

-20โ„ƒ- 55โ„ƒ

Working humidity


Storage temperature


Pressure range

 (86- 106) KPa

Cable requirements

 RVVP 3×1.5mm2; second bus: RVVP2×1.5mm2

Transmission distance


Product size

(325*245*95) mm

Product wei


Other accessoriesght

Standard installation hanging plate and ะค8 anchoring expansion bolt


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