TCB2-JD Electrostatic dust detector
TCB2-JD Electrostatic dust detector

TCB2-JD Electrostatic dust detector

    • Measuring range:0-9/12/25/50/100/200/400/800/1000 mg/M3
    • Transmitter output mode:Two-wire system 4 – 20mA (built-in isolator, explosion-proof and anti-interference)
    • Transmitter power supply:15V – 32VDC
    • Pipe outer diameter:0.1m~4m
Product description

The TCB2-JD electrostatic dust concentration detector measures the electrostatic charge induction of dust particles passing through a fixed probe. The dust particles induce electrostatic charge with the probe, and the signal is amplified by the probe and transmitted to the monitoring and control system. The size of the static charge is proportional to the flow of dust particles. The high-tech electronic circuit of this system converts this part of the charge into a control signal output, activates an alarm of excessive dust emission, and is used to continuously record the total amount or concentration of dust particles. The device provides the world's latest AC coupling technology. This is the most accurate and stable monitoring technology in modern times, especially suitable for continuous emission recording and data accumulation. The working principle of this monitoring system is to use the charge induction generated by the dust particles flowing around the probe to confirm the online emission (mg/sec) or emission concentration (mg/m3) of the dust particles. In the case of relatively stable combustion conditions (that is, at the same emission point, the flow rate, temperature, pressure, humidity and soot particle properties are not greatly changed, less than ±90% of the change), the system is directly calibrated It can also be used for online monitoring of emission concentration (unit = mg/M3).


Four characteristics of TCB2-JD dust concentration detector:

1. The installation and use are exactly the same as the two-wire pressure transmitter. The on-site engineering and technical personnel can use it correctly without any special training. The installation is convenient and the operation is reliable.

2. Standard two-wire 4-20mA current output, strong anti-interference ability, easy for long-distance signal transmission, no special requirements for signal transmission wires, output current and dust concentration have a linear relationship, which is convenient for subsequent PLC data processing.

3. Adopting the most advanced practical technology—patented improved AC coupling technology, which has high dust detection sensitivity and good linearity. The dust does not affect the measurement sensitivity after the probe is contaminated, and it is maintenance-free and cleaning-free.

4. The 4-20mA current output by the integrated transmitter in the junction box is electrically isolated from the dust induction probe to achieve safe signal transmission.


Scope of use

Dust concentration detectors are widely used in various industrial applications, including: steelmaking, power generation, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials processing, coal mining and mining, cement manufacturing and packaging industries. Typical applications include the detection of bag filter bag breakage, or powder material recovery, total product delivery monitoring, or boiler smoke emission concentration monitoring of various sizes and fuels.

Technical index

Measuring range

0-9/12/25/50/100/200/400/800/1000 mg/M3

Transmitter output mode

Two-wire system 4 – 20mA (built-in isolator, explosion-proof and anti-interference)

Transmitter power supply

15V – 32VDC

Dust particle size range

Nominal 0.1μM~200 μM, it can still receive outside the nominal range but the signal characteristics are a little different

Line stability

All components of the system use high-stability electronic assemblies

Noise resistance

All 50 or 60 Hz audio and harmonics are filtered out before the signal is received

Zero drift

(Time) Less than 1% of range per year


(Temperature) Within the specified temperature range, less than 1% of the range

Full scale drift

(Time) Less than 1% of range per year


(Temperature) Within the specified temperature range, less than 1% of the range

Pipeline gas pressure

-0.1 – 1MPa

Pipeline gas flow rate


Pipeline gas temperature


Pipe outer diameter


Operating environment temperature

-20℃~60℃(Electronic parts)

Operating environment humidity

No condensation 90%

Operating environment vibration

Highest continuous oscillation, any direction, any frequency: root mean square value 2g (20m/s2)

Operating environment electromagnetic field

The highest value at 50 Hz = 60A/m (equivalent to a 1m×1m square electromagnetic coil with a 50AT magnetic field)

Operational environmental protection

Protection grade: IP66/NEMA4 aluminum alloy shell, suitable for installation in non-corrosive environments, stainless steel probe

Probe structure

Standard probe is M6, length 160 mm 316 stainless steel rod


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