Air quality monitirong system(AQMS)
Air quality monitirong system(AQMS)

Air quality monitirong system(AQMS)

    LED screen,Size: 54cm*102cm
    relay output:Two relay outputs,Connected with secondary relay
    Equipment support:2/3 meters ertical pole (optional)
    Main control box: used for installation of acquisition instrument or power system
    Indication mode: LED displays real-time data and system status
    Working environment: temperature -20℃ ~ 55℃;
    Humidity < 95%RH no condensation
    working voltage:alternate current 220V 50HZ
    IP Grade:IP65

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Product description
The air quality monitoring station is specially designed to monitor the concentration of various gases in the outdoor environment.Air quality monitoring station, also known as air station.The function of the air station is to sample, measure and analyze the pollutants in the atmosphere and air at fixed points, continuously or regularly.In order to monitor the air, a number of air stations are generally set up in a key environmental protection city. Multi-parameter automatic monitoring instruments are installed in the stations for continuous automatic monitoring, and the monitoring results are stored and analyzed in real time to obtain relevant data.The air quality monitoring station is the basic platform for air quality control and reasonable assessment.
Technical index



Communication interface


Temperature sensor


 Air humidity sensor

rang:0~100%; Accuracy:±3%

 Wind Speed Sensor




wind transducer

Rang:8 oridentation

 Noise sensor

Rang:30~130db ; Accuracy:± 0.5%FS


Ang:0~1000ug/m3; Accuracy:±10%FS

LED screen


Relay output

2 channel Connect the secondary relay to control the field spray gun firing


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