TCB2 Modular wireless gas detector
TCB2 Modular wireless gas detector
TCB2 Modular wireless gas detector
TCB2 Modular wireless gas detector

TCB2 Modular wireless gas detector

    • total weight:≤2000g
    • IP Grade:IP66
    • explosive-proof grade:Ex d ⅡC T6 Gb
    • Output signal:wireless signal
    • Electrical source:DC24V or AC220V

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product description

TCB2 is an intelligent multifunctional instrument for gas detection. The instrument adopts high-performance detection components and computer microcontrol technology,combined with advanced automatic mounting technology, the product has the functions of on-site buzzer indicating tone, on-site flashing indicator light, and real-time display and monitoring of on-site gas concentration.

TCB2 multi-function point-type gas detector can transform the gas concentration signal in the air into electrical signal display and remote transmission, using four-bus RS3082 output mode, with long transmission distance, good anti-interference and other characteristics.

TCB2-point gas detector can be used in chemical factory, smelting and paper-making, refrigeration and fire fighting, gas catering, rubber, sewage treatment, pharmaceutical casting, petroleum refining and chemical, mining and electric power, fire administration, communication and other industrial environments that need to be explosion proof, poisoning proof and asphyxiation proof.


Technical index

Detect method

Catalytic combustion; Electrochemical formula; infrared

Detect gas

LEL、VOC、harmful gases、oxygen

Sampling method






 Measuring error

full range ±3%FS

Status indicator

LCD or LED (Optional no display)

Debug mode

Remote control

Response time


 Recovery time


Environment temperature


Relative humidity


Electrical source

DC24V or AC220V

Output signal

wireless signal

Wired way


Maximum distance between detector and host


total weight


explosive-proof grade

Ex d ⅡC T6 Gb

IP Grade



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