TCB2 Temperature and humidity detector
TCB2 Temperature and humidity detector

TCB2 Temperature and humidity detector

Product description

TCB2 explosion-proof temperature and humidity detector, this detector uses the sensitivity of the thermal element to temperature and humidity to detect the ambient temperature and humidity. It adopts special process to ensure stable and reliable working performance. It is suitable for installation in explosive gas environment with ⅱc level t6 temperature group. It can be used with gas alarm controller and meets the requirements of the standard. This detector has a novel structure and beautiful appearance, and it is safer to use with gas detectors.

This product uses a high-sensitivity temperature and humidity sensor to detect the temperature and humidity in the current environment. Equipped with flame-proof and explosion-proof shell, the product is stable, safe and reliable.

Technical index

Supply voltage


Output mode


Measuring range

Temperature: 0~80℃; Humidity: 20-90%RH

Measurement accuracy

 Temperature: ±0.3℃; Humidity: ±2%RH

Working environment

Temperature: -20-80℃; Humidity: 0-100%RH (no condensation)


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