Automotive industry

March 30, 2022

       If you want to reduce the vehicle to exceed the emission of exhaust gas, must have a good motor vehicle regular test off. Law enforcement departments must be equipped with operating vehicles that have reached the age of retirement. For example, those whose exhaust emissions fail to meet the standards will be forced to be scrapped. If a non-operating vehicle fails to meet the national emission standards for motor vehicles, it shall be recommended to be scrapped or, if necessary, forced to be scrapped. Experts pointed out that the motor vehicle exhaust gas testing unit must be in strict accordance with the standards set by the state to conduct inspection and testing work, the fraud of the unit should be ordered to suspend operations for rectification, serious can be cancelled its operating qualification.

 Henan Zhong An Electronic Detection Technology CO.,LTD.

        Whether operating car or private cars, as long as it is a motor vehicle, detection unit must pass of testing, for motor vehicle emissions do not meet the requirements, can not release the registration method, let falls below the vehicle cannot be on the road, once these falls below the vehicles on the road at random, is driving without a license, then law enforcement can according to the driving without a license to deal with it.

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