Coal Mining Industry

March 30, 2022

        The coal mining industry is the main energy industry in China, with as many as 8 million coal mining workers, which is the pillar industry of the national economy. The enterprises engaged in coal mining include enterprises of different sizes, different economic types and different production modes. Due to the imbalance of economic development, the backward industrial technology and management mode, and the low quality of personnel, the incidence of occupational hazards in the coal industry remains high in many industries in China for a long time, and the occupational hazards are serious. In almost all production processes, the mining of coal mines may produce harmful factors that may harm the health of workers.


         Because the coal production process is an extremely complex system, operators are exposed to a variety of hazardous health conditions, making it difficult to effectively identify, evaluate, intervene and control these occupational hazards. On the basis of systematic evaluation of the types and intensity of occupational hazard factors and health hazards, the hazards of dust, harmful gases, vibration, noise and acute carbon monoxide poisoning in the coal mine industry exist. Carry gas detector to ensure the safety of working environment.

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