Where do I need a gas alarm

March 23, 2022

         The gas detector is a commonly used detection instrument, which mainly uses gas sensors to detect the types of gases in the environment. It has the advantages of stable performance, flexible use, high reliability, and easy maintenance.

        The gas detector can detect hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, phosphine, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, and combustible gases.

       It is widely used for on-site testing in petrochemical, coal, metallurgy, chemical, municipal gas, environmental monitoring and other places. It can meet the measurement needs of special occasions; it can detect gas concentration or leak detection in tunnels, pipelines, tanks, enclosed spaces, etc.

Because in these many working environments, flammable gas or liquid vapor will inevitably leak. If the leaked flammable gas or liquid vapor is not discovered in time, and the gas concentration continues to accumulate, and then reaches a certain explosion limit, there is the possibility of a fire or explosion at any time.

       In order to ensure the safety of people and equipment, and meet the safety requirements of flammable and explosive gases in industries and other places, flammable gas alarms are of great significance.

        When the flammable or toxic gas leaks in the daily life environment (such as the kitchen using natural gas) or the industrial environment, when the gas alarm detects that the gas concentration reaches the alarm value set by the alarm, the alarm will emit sound and light alarm signals , To remind to take safety measures such as evacuation, forced ventilation, and shutdown of equipment to prevent explosion, fire, and poisoning accidents, thereby ensuring safe production.

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