R&D direction

August 04, 2020

       At the initial stage of its establishment, Otywell Technology was engaged in the development and production of professional gas leakage monitoring and alarm control instruments.

The current products mainly include gas leak detection and monitoring instruments, gas detection and alarm instruments, dust monitoring instruments, laser methane analyzers, and positive pressure air breathing devices.

       Among them, the portable gas alarm has the functions of uploading to the computer and alarm memory. In the future, each instrument will have built-in Beidou positioning function and its wireless data transmission function.

      Gas detection and alarm control instruments will realize the function of wireless data transmission. The control and display instruments will integrate multiple signal units to form a unified management platform, which will be digitally displayed, automatically analyzed and processed, and can be connected to the Internet, and the integrated information will be uniformly sent to the enterprise Or the national supervision and management platform, and finally realize the interconnection function.

The air breathing device is mainly made of carbon fiber materials recommended by the country. Each respirator can be equipped with an emergency pager separately, and it can also realize the Beidou positioning of the breathing device and the interconnection of the number of respirators in the area with the disaster relief management platform, so as to monitor the safety of disaster relief personnel at all times information.

       In the future, Outaiweier technology products will be more user-friendly, practical, and accurate, and will realize the interconnection of products covered by the monitoring site and its disaster relief site.

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